Fundamental value of the company AHB Group is the active support of society, through actions to develop social infrastructure, promotion of sports and environmental protection.


Faithful to the idea of corporate responsibility, the company took over the water supply pipeline in the village of Vatsounia, where it is based, solving the chronic water supply problem that the villagers faced each summer.

Simultaneously, the company is trying to respond where there is a water emergency due to unforeseen or other water supply system problems, covering the basic needs of the residents.

Sport and a connection with the environment is a priority for the company, which proudly supports local sports teams, cycling ascent actions and marathon races as a sponsor.


Sport is a priority for the water THEONI. So we proudly sponsor football and volleyball sports teams, cycling ascent actions, marathon races and other activities that promote sport, attract young people to doing sport and promote contact with nature.



Natural mineral water Theoni is actively involved in cultural activities, recognizing the importance of actions aimed at preserving the cultural identity and history, on a local and broader level, as an essential element for growth and prosperity.





Young people are society’s most valuable asset and we owe them the chance of being able to cover their basic needs, to grow up in a safe environment and have access to educational opportunities. The water Theoni, as sponsor, systematically supports activities aimed at strengthening organizations and associations for the child, and promotes initiatives that support any form of education.



Our constant goal is to contribute substantially and offer tangible support to the society. The water Theoni stands next to the local society by undertaking interventions with a significant impact on residents' daily life. The company has undertaken important projects to build water pipelines and deal with road restoration in the village of Vatsounia (base of the bottling facility), solving chronic problems in the region.





The water Theoni is all about implementing a comprehensive program of good environmental practices. We follow fully certified operating procedures with care in order to minimize our environmental footprint. Modern equipment of bottling is chosen with strict criteria and top specifications. While the architectural and functional design of the unit is fully in harmony with the natural environment, our main goal is to invest in a sustainable development and the achievement of sustainability, so that generations of today and tomorrow can enjoy the precious gifts offered to us by nature.